PE Lined GI pipe is for drinking water use and has been tested to comply with WSD standard. With no welding required as it is joined by grooved coupling; it is a safe, healthy option to use in buildings. Epoxy coating is an optional coating.


  • Easy, convenient and quick installation helps with labor saving and time saving in instalation.
  • Can be relocated, chagne format of installation or expland for additional pipe line
  • can withstand vibration and has good noice absorption
  • can with stand up to 735psi
  • As it is PE lined, water that flows through will be rust free, strong, durable and has a long useful life.

Grooved fitting with plasting Lining:

45 deg. elbow, 90 deg. elbow, Reducing coupling, Tee, Cap, Adaptor Flange, Reducing Tee, Flexible coupling, Rigid Coupling.